A brief history of coffee cultivation in Mexico (until nowadays).

On this blog we like to write about coffee cultivation in general, but is obvious that every country and coffee productive region has its own history and attributes. This time I am telling the (brief) story of coffee cultivation in Mexico since that’s where Tonamil kaffe comes from.   The Beginnings: 1700’s  This African and Middle…

How local businesses in Norway are supporting sustainable food production.

It’s been more than a year since I found myself visiting small coffee farms in Mexico, trying to save the world from climate change, and then decided to start a small company that could offer better prices directly to the farmers, so they could avoid migration and/or poverty, and they could continue to manage and…

Coffee, an endangered species?

When we think about ‘endangered species’ maybe the first thing that comes in to our minds are wild lions in Africa, or large whales in the sea. And although this is also a huge issue, few times we think about everyday species that can be found at the closest retail store, or literally at any…

How can we fight climate change by eating better?

During my environmental studies I learned that agriculture is one of the main contributors and accelerators of climate change. But I also learned that good practices in agriculture, and an overall sustainable food production and consumption can actually help save the planet. How is this possible? Regarding the negative side, a big part of nowadays…


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