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Business? We have special coffee deals for restaurants, offices, and retail.

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Current and past clients and collaborators:

  • La Mayor, Oslo. Restaurant.
  • Vaquera Verde, Oslo. Restaurant.
  • La Luz (Via Village). Oslo. Restaurant.
  • Hilsener ( E-commerce. Retail.
  • HerSpace, Oslo. Co-working space.
  • Stikling, Oslo. Retail.
  • SmakÅs festivalen, Ås. Food festival.
  • BUA Kooperativ, Ås. Retail.
  • Sunkost, Søgne. Retail.
  • Bjørgum gård, Setesdal. Retail.
  • Terran Consultancy, Stavanger. Office.
  • Blepharo Øyeklinikk, Sandnes. Office.
  • ANKO AS, Stavanger. Office.
  • Cantina Mexicana, Sandnes. Restaurant.
  • ZANA, Stavanger. Retail.
  • CHAMPION X, Stavanger. Office.
  • Casa Salsitas, Stavanger. Retail.
  • SAGA bok, Stavanger. Retail.
  • Hverdagsgodt, Stavanger. Restaurant.
  • Stavanger Sentrum AS. Market/retail.
Tonamil Kaffe / Elkhart Trade AS
Org. Number: 922547238
Sandnes, Norway.
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