About us

T O N A M I L is an initiative dedicated to supporting sustainable production and consumption of food in Mexico, Norway, and everywhere in the world where it is possible to reach in these modern times. 

At the moment T O N A M I L is located in Norway and is focused on trading ecological coffee and cacao from small-scale producers in Mexico. We are committed to offering the producers and their families the best possible prices for their coffee, and we also give them economic advice so they can develop their business as direct suppliers to avoid the middleman prices and conditions.

In addition to our Fair Trade project, at our Communications project we join and co-organize educational events focused on spreading environmental awareness, especially about agriculture and food systems. Our blog is also meant to be a reliable source of written information that supports the same cause. 

T O N A M I L means “maize from the sun” in the ancient Nahuatl language, and it is also the name of the winter agricultural season in the South of Mexico, where Indigenous farmers consider this season as a very powerful, meaningful and resilient activity: To be able to cultivate and harvest food in the coldest months of the wintertime. 

Meet the team!

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Tonamil Kaffe / Elkhart Trade AS
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Sandnes, Norway.