The team

Margie Maria Gonzalez.
Co-Founder and Project Manager.

Margie is always multitasking between the daily activities of the Trade and the Communications Projects at TONAMIL. She is not so good at doing sales, but she still makes a lot of sales.

Kaab Al-Kaabi.
Co-Founder and Owner.

Kaab is the owner of Elkhart Trade & Development AS, the Norwegian company that allows the export, import, and commercial distribution of coffee to happen. Apart from being the company’s owner, he is also the delivery driver. Thank you Kaab!

Sergio Chavez.
Investor and Marketing Adviser.

Sergio Chavez is our Sustainable Investor and Marketing Advisor. Our current micro-lots wouldn’t be possible without his investments. Sergio is also our best client, he’s probably bought for himself more TONAMIL coffee than any other of our clients in Norway, and we are not even kidding.

Galeana Family and Victor Galeana.
Coffee producers and traders.

Galeana Family own “Rocio” Farm in Atoyac de Diaz, Mexico. They have been producing high-quality and ecological arabica coffee for over 50 years. Victor Galena (the third generation of this family) is in charge of processing and selling coffee directly to TONAMIL. Cool fact: This is the very first time Rocio coffee is sold, distributed, and drank outside of M E X I C O!

Tonamil Kaffe / Elkhart Trade AS
Org. Number: 922547238
Sandnes, Norway.
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